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Low cost flights to Fez

Low cost companies are continuing to increase the number of flights to Fez international airport and with the project for a second terminal well under way, this trend should make it even easier to come to Meknes. Many of our guests come in through Rabat, Marrakesh, Casablanca or Tangier but Fez is by far the most convenient to reach our riad.

Here are a few examples of low cost companies flying to Fez :

Over a dozen regular lines to Fez with prices that are sometimes hard to believe. They may one day end up paying you to fly to Morocco. Fly to Fez from London, Paris, Brussels, Milan, Rome, Seville, Alicante or Frankfurt.

London to Fez from 16€
Brussels to Fez from 14€
Madrid to Fez from 6€

They will open their first line from Paris Charles De Gaulle on the 11th. Great to see Easyjet opting for Fez ;)

Paris to Fez from 30€

Regular flights from Paris and Brussels.

Brussels to Fez from 20€

Once you arrive in Fez, we can organize your transfer to Meknes. The airport is less than an hour away from the riad and we will have a driver waiting for you at arrivals.

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