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Rent a car in Meknes

Guests coming to Riad Felloussia often enquire about renting a car during their stay in Meknes and I have to say that our reply has varied over the years. I think the market is adapting to the tourism industry in Morocco.
A few years ago it was quite easy to rent a car but you had to be careful with the quality of the vehicle you were renting. Recently the quality of the cars has greatly improved but the conditions required have become almost impossible for most tourists coming through Meknes. The actual rental price is quite cheap (from 25 Euros) but it's not that simple.
If you wish to rent a car in Meknes, you will be required to make a cash deposit of at least 1000 Euros. This is a minimum and some companies ask for double that sum. The only alternative is to leave your passport as a deposit so this can only be a solution if you just want to tour Meknes or go to surrounding sites like Volubilis, Fez or Azrou for example.
Another hindrance is that if you rent your car in Meknes, you will have to deliver it in Meknes which is not suitable for most of our guests who plan to go on to other Moroccan cities.

There are several alternatives to this :
If you really wish to take a car from Meknes, you have the possibility of renting the car with a driver. While this solution is slightly more expensive it has the advantage of allowing you to abandon the car anywhere along your Moroccan tour. Most importantly, it means that you won't have to make such an enormous deposit and won't be responsible for any damage suffered by the vehicle on the often harsh Moroccan roads.
Another solution is simply to contact us beforehand at the riad so that we can organize a taxi for you. Rates are very reasonable for taxis in Morocco.
Finally, unless you plan to head to the south of Morocco, you will find that trains are extremely reliable and cheap and will easily get you from one imperial city to the next.

Here are a few places renting cars in Meknes if you wish to contact them :
Meknes Car -
Easy Loc Car -
Rizana Car -

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