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Lawrence of Morocco

Royal golf course of Meknes

The Royal golf course of Meknes (9 holes) was inaugurated in 1969. It is astounding in that it is located in the gardens of the royal palace so that it is completely enclosed within the enormous imperial walls.
It has recently been opened to the public. Even non-players can enter the grounds and access the club house for a drink or a meal. The golf course is just behind Bab Mansour near the Mausoleum. It is only about 500 meters from Riad Felloussia. You can take a one hour lesson for as little as 15 Euros with equipment included. It has lighting so you can even play at night ! Just another good reason not to miss Meknes while you are visiting Morocco ;)

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It is very good place for play Golf...

paula said...
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lisa_d said...

This place was awesome. Thanks for opening this Royal golf course of Meknes. Hope I can go there soon.

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