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Low cost flights to Fez

Just a little reminder that you can fly into Fez very cheaply with low cost companies like Ryanair. Once in Fez it is only 50 kilometres to reach Meknes and our riad. As an example, you can leave Madrid after work on a Friday evening and be in Meknes a few hours later savouring a delicious tagine in the old medina.
You can also fly to Fez airport from the following cities with Ryanair : Seville, Alicante, Girona (Barcelona), Marseille, Milan (Bergamo), Brussels (Charleroi), Dusseldorf (Weez) or Frankfurt-Hahn.
Here are a few examples of amazing prices that you can check on :
Seville - Fez = 9 Euros (8th Feb)
Madrid-Fez = 8 Euros (1st Feb)
Brussels-Fez = 25 Euros (24th March)
Dusseldorf-Fez = 25 Euros (1st March)
Milan-Fez = 10 Euros (9th Feb)
If you wish we can organize a transfer directly from the airport in Fez to our riad in Meknes. It's never been easier to travel to Morocco !

No, the duck plane is just a joke. They don't have those in their fleet yet. At least I hope not ;-)

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Mohammed (USA) said...

Interesting post on the flights. Thank you. I love Meknes and Fes, but I am not so keen on Marrakech. There is great info on Fes and Meknes on a blog called The View from Fez which as a travel agent I use to update myself every day. It is easily found through Google. Keep up the good work on your blog.


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