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Lawrence of Morocco

Mouloud from the terrace

As I explained in my earlier article, Mouloud in Meknes is of course a very special moment but also a very intensive one.
That is why after the effervescence of the streets it's always pleasant to make your way back to the riad and relax a little.
As you can see above, that's exactly what our guests Anna and Domingo from Spain decided to do. A nice cup of mint tea and you can lie back and relax in our rocking chairs.
The good thing is that from the terrace of the riad you don't miss out on all the action down below. You can watch the crowds grow and grow as the Meknes sun sets on El Hedim square. And the good thing is that after you have taken some time out, you can always head back down into the streets of the medina because it is unavoidably very busy late into the evening.

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