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Lawrence of Morocco

The hidden details of Meknes

It is always interesting to see the work of photographers in and around Meknes.

Claude-Charles Mollard will be exposing his work in the hall of Bab Mansour for the coming six weeks. He has created a mystical world of little spirits that are present all over the medina of Meknes. These creatures he calls "origènes", can be found on walls, on doors, in craftwork, in woodwork and even in piles of leather or wool. His work consisted in seeking out and making portraits of these forms before making a selection for the exposition. You can read more (in French) about his project here.

The unseen details of Meknes have also attracted the attention of fine art photographer Paul S. Grand who should be coming on his fifth visit to the ismailian capital some time next year.
As he says himself both Claude-Charles and himself "seem to subscribe to the postulate that the individual parts are greater than their summation into the whole".
His search for distinctive images has taken him all over the globe. He started in the subway stations of New York and hunted down unsuspected details all the way to Asia.

His Meknes gallery is an intricate stroll in the endlessly connecting derbs of the medina. I sincerely hope his coming visit will result in a much larger collection of Meknes abstractions.

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