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Meknes News 2009

Well it's a cold New Year that has just started here in Meknes. First modifications have already started for Riad Felloussia. After lots of hesitation and much reconsideration, we've finally decided to cover the central patio for the winter. There was just too much rain and the sun seemed not very decided on coming back. And of course .... now that it's done ... the rain has stopped and the sun is back. We won't be fooled that easily though and the canvas will stay in place a little while longer .... just to make sure.

Lots of events on the Meknes agenda this beginning of year ......

The Olive Tree and Olive Oil Festival will be starting on the 26th of February. Olives have long been a symbol of long life and peace and are also a real symbol of prosperity for the city of Meknes. Even the Romans had olives in mind when they settled in Volubilis over 2000 years ago. They are everywhere ... there's just no avoiding them and noone will complain about that. As good a time as any to opt for a Chicken and Olive Tagine ;)

But also .... .... a new web page for Meknes with all the important information you will need about Meknes and the region. Weather report, important addreses, train time tables and so on .....

.... an International Urban Sports Festival with lots of demonstrations including skating, BMX, street golf and even monocycle. (25th April 2009) .... the 4th edition of the SIAM (Salon International de l'Agriculture du Maroc) which will be opening on the 23rd April 2009. Lots of stalls from all over Morocco for an event which is growing every year and should reach 400 000 visitors this year.

....last but far from least, the FICAM (Festival International de Cinéma d’Animation de Meknès), the big animated film festival here in Meknes which will be starting it's 9th edition from the 7th to 15th of May.

A great opportunity to discover Meknes. There are screenings all over town and even in the Medina. Some of the old Fondouks have been transformed into cultural centers where films can be screened and if you are lucky you could even watch the giant screen on El Hedim square from the terrace of Riad Felloussia ;)

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