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Lawrence of Morocco

Mausoleum of Meknes by night

One of the main attractions in Meknes is the mausoleum of Moulay Ismail. Moroccans visit this site as a sign of good blessing for good health and well-being. For non-muslim Tourists it's the opportunity to visit a religious site and get an inside look into local religious culture. It is one of the only two sites in Morocco where this is possible.
The mausoleum of Meknes was constructed in 1703. It consists of three courtyards, the mosque and the tombs. Entrance is free but the mausoleum is closed on Fridays.
To your right when leaving the mausoleum you will discover an enormous road running between two massive Ismailien walls. After about a two kilometer run the road turns left and goes past the royal palace before reaching the granaries and the "bassin d'agdal".

If you'd like to visit the mausoleum as if you were in Meknes right now, just take this virtual visit on and also discover many other attractions not only in Meknes and Fez but all over Morocco.

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