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Lawrence of Morocco

South of Spain

How tempting it is, once in Spain, to go just that one step further South ....
And why should you hesitate ? It's not a question of time or money. Just the desire to plunge into another very different environment. The kingdom of Morocco.
In fact, your Moroccan expedition could very well become a daytrip and cost you less than 70 Euros !
Ferries run frequently from Almeria, Tarifa, Barcelona and Algeciras. In Morocco, most ferries go to Tangiers but you can also opt for Melilla, Ceuta or Nador. There are many companies offering to take you on your first trip to the African continent and you can book online or simply turn up on the shores of Southern Spain to wait for the next boat. As an example, you could look into FRS which is always fast and reliable.
If after this you are still hesitating, I strongly recommend you read Richard Green's article in The Sunday Times about his Moroccan ferry crossing.
I started this post by saying that Morocco could be a very short trip from Spain but I hope that won't stop you from taking the time to come to see us a little further South in Meknes. And once you head back, don´t forget holiday rentals Spain to find your perfect house to rent.


Ms Larsen said...

of course we didn't forget to visit you in Meknes, we are just waiting to know WHEN will be possible. Now we also have a direct flight to Fes from Bologna (Ryanair)... hope to reach you during winter/early spring.

Business Directory said...

Spain is one the beautiful country in the world last year i went there .I can never forget the time which I spent in Spain. Thank you.


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