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Lawrence of Morocco

Dar Jamai Museum

Dar Jamai is a palace built in 1882. It is situated at the North end of the main square of the medina, El Hédim. You can see the entrance from the terrace of our riad.
It took two years to build this palace. While building it, the Vizir fell ill and had to leave Meknes to go for treatment in Fez, where he undertook the construction of another palace that also bears the name Palais Jamai.
A visit of this enchanting palace will take you through the various areas that constitute the architectural ensemble ‘Dar Jamai’. The first area on the ground floor includes the patio, the bedrooms and kitchen. The museum itself can be found in the larger lounge rooms and on the top floors of the palace. This sector has all the traditional crafts of the city of Meknes: carved cedar wood and painted furniture and architecture, Meknes embroidery, kaftans and belts, urban jewelry, Meknes ceramics, brassware, ironware and damascene metalwork.

If you click on the panorama above, you will take a virtual visit of the patio of this palace in Meknes. It is a wonderfully fresh place to visit during the extremely hot Moroccan summers. Make sure you observe closely the intricate metalwork and woodwork on the enormous doors.

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