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Trailer for FICAM 2010

The FICAM is one of the major cultural events in Meknes. It is an opportunity to gather, each year, animated film directors from Morocco and the international scene. This year the festival attracted even more spectators for its tenth edition with a record high 22,000 spectators. The animated films were projected in unique and historical locations all over Meknes.

The most spectacular screening is always on the main square of the medina of Meknes, El Hedim. This is just below the walls of Riad Felloussia, so if you are lucky enough to be among our guests at that period, you get the best seats in town.
For your entertainment, I have included the trailer for the festival in this post. Watch the little rolling stone travel around and discover Meknes. All the elements which make Meknes unique have been cleverly been integrated into this short 50 second clip. The stone walks by Bab Mansour but finds it closed. To find the key to this historical monument, our little stone will have to cross the entire imperial city while chased through the streets of the medina by a little tea pot. Vivid colours, little taxis, creative coloured tiles, horse drawn carts : it is a lively little portrait of the smallest imperial city in Morocco. Don't forget to put the sound up !

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