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While following a few links on the web, I came across Lonely Planet's list of places to visit in Morocco.
I was already aware that Fez had been promoted as their favourite destination but I just discovered that Volubilis was ranked number 4 and Meknes number 14.
Now with Tangier at number 5, Asilah at 6 and Chefchaouen in 8th position it would seem that the North of Morocco is very well placed as one of Morocco's top tourist destinations. This combined with the ever growing number of flights coming into Fez leave me to wonder just how far it can go.
Time will tell.

I also came across a very convincing blog article about living in and leaving Meknes by Jillian C. York. Really worth reading !


Ms Larsen said...

no matter about what's written on Lonely Planet!!!! sometimes I just have the impression they never went to different places so... difficult to write about what to visit or not. :-//

Lionel in Meknes said...

You are probably right unfortunately. Many comments and reviews seem completely outdated but this is sadly the case for most guide books available.

Ms Larsen said...

Best way to manage everything: do it yourself!!! then I write my own reviews on Tripadvisor. Btw in Italy the best guides are surely the ones by Touring Club.
As soon as Ryanair will update their payment system I'll let you know my trip details :)

Circuit 4x4 Maroc said...

Thanks for all those information about Meknes


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