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Lawrence of Morocco

Special places to stay in Morocco

We are very proud to be appearing in Alastair Sawday's guide for 'special' places to stay.

Here is the foreword on their site :

  • I have powerful feelings about the grim world of 'corporate' culture and what it does to people and to places
  • Thus chain hotels, conference facilities and customer relations executives leave me cold
  • I also feel strongly about pretension, pomposity and bad taste
  • And a lot of the writing in 'accommodation' guides makes me wince

The magical thing about our books is that their sales have revealed to me that there are hundreds of thousands of people who feel exactly the same. So we try to be THE guide for those looking for:

  • Warm, very human, interesting people
  • Beautiful buildings, original style, elegant simplicity
  • Fine old things that, however dilapidated, carry their age and authenticity with dignity
  • Delicious food, much of it grown at home and cooked with devotion
  • A touch of fun with a touch of class. Quirkiness with seriousness, a light touch, an easy style
  • Good, old-fashioned writing with some panache
  • Comfort, yes, but not at the expense of everything else
You can find out much more about the company, our owners and our ethos elsewhere on this site.

Riad Felloussia appears in Alastair Sawday's guide and website

Riad Felloussia appears in the Sawday's guide and website. Read what Alastair Sawday writes about Riad Felloussia here »

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