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Lawrence of Morocco

Hammam Jdid - Just next door to the riad

Traditional homes in the medina don't normally have bathrooms. Only the largest homes would have their own hammams. For the rest of the population the local hammam is as much a necessity as it is an opportunity for social gathering.
Riad Felloussia did have its own little hammam at one point but it is no longer functional and has been transformed into a familly sized shower for Suite Ouzoud.
The true hammam experience is nethertheless not lost since one of the largest and most authentic Meknes hammams is just a few steps away. Indeed you unavoidably have to walk past hammam Jdid to get to our riad.

This beautiful hammam is open to the public. From the early morning hours until twelve it is for men only. After twelve and until nine in the evening it is for the ladies and then once again for men until late at night.
The entrance fee is only 8 Dirhams for men and 10 Dirhams for women. Why the price difference you ask ? Well I was very curious about that aswell and all the answers have tended towards two directions : Women have longer hair to wash and also spend hours chatting with the neighbours while they wash.
Once you have paid your entrance fee, you get a little locker to store your belongings and two buckets to mix hot and cold water until you get the appropriate temperature.
Of course you have to be in an adventurous mood to try this sort of experience but I can guarantee that all our guests who have made the attempt have come always come back with lively stories to tell ;)


avin said...

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Carrie said...

we are trying it today Lionel--all 3 children and me! 4 years living in Asia and the Middle East and I've never had a hamam....I think it's time. Thanks for the information and I will write something about the experience when we are finished.

Lionel in Meknes said...

Well I hope you enjoy it. It certainly isn't luxurious but it is as authentic as you can get ;)


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