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Lawrence of Morocco

New phone numbers in Morocco

They've changed again !!

Just when you print a new series of business cards and when the new guide books for Morocco are re-edited ...... The phone numbers have been modified again.
The last change was just a couple of years ago if I remember correctly !!

Anyway, that's the way things are, and it's not too difficult to remember once you know it.

As of the 7th of march, the phone numbers for Morocco will have to be modified as follows :

Land lines :

Add a 5 after the first zero - 035 53 08 40 becomes 05 35 53 08 40

Mobiles :

Add a 6 after the first zero - 076 98 77 17 becomes 06 76 98 77 17

If you are calling from abroad simply dial a 5 or a 6 after the 212 and leave out the first zero.

I hope I haven't made that sound more complicated than it is but just in case, you can get the original announcement from Maroc Telecom.

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