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Mehndi is often called Henna tattoo because of it is quite similar to tattoos in appearance. The main difference is that contrary to tattoos the pigment remains on the surface of the skin and not under the skin.
Mehndi was initially used for the bride in wedding ceremonies but in Morocco it is used for many types of special occasions. Women wear Mehndi for their seventh month of pregnancy, but also after having the baby. Mehndi is of course used for weddings and engagements but generally women seem to get these henna tattoos for any big family celebration.

A Henna paste is applied directly onto the skin a plastic cone or a little brush. Once the work is done, the creation is covered with cloth to keep in the heat and this helps the pigments to seap into the skin. The longer you keep the cloth and paste on your skin, the longer the design will last. It also helps to make it darker.
Here in Meknes, you can regularly see local women in the markets offering to apply Henna. While you stay at Riad Felloussia, we will be happy to organize a session if you wish to give it a try as a souvenir of your visit to Meknes.

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