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Lawrence of Morocco

Day Trip to Azrou

Another great day trip from Meknes is to go towards Azrou. It is a small traditional medina set in the middle Atlas. When coming from Meknes it is the first real Berber village you come upon.

In Amazigh the word "Azrou" means boulder and indeed the village is set on an enormous rock. The traditional houses with their green-tiled roofs blend perfectly into the surrounding cedar forest.

While you are there you can try some local trout in one of the quiet restaurants and wander around the small medina to admire local craft.

It's a great place for walks in the forest. Children will love all the animals they encounter along the way. The greatest attraction for them will of course be the hundreds of monkeys that roam around freely.

My son was particularly observant of the local creatures and had some very precise questions concerning the activity of the above ladybirds.

Azrou is only about 70 km south of Meknes and the road is very pleasant. Along the way you will have great view points like "Ito" where you can admire the whole valley. After Azrou you can either visit Ifrane or Ain Leuh on your way back to Meknes.

If you don't arrive in Meknes with your own car it is possible to rent a car for the day or we will even arrange for a car with a driver if you prefer.

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