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Lawrence of Morocco

Ramadan in Meknes

We are just coming to the end of Ramadan for 2008. I still find it amazing to see how the streets of Meknes get so empty when it is time to break the fast. I was up on the terrace and took a few shots of place El Hedim during and after the Ftour. Ramadan is always a very special period when all your habits are disrupted even if you don't fast. Just a few more days and we will once again be able to drink juice in the cafés. People will smoke again in the streets. Meknes shops will have regular opening times once again. And the dangerous evening rushes to get home before sundown will be but a faint memory. If you'd like to know more about Ramadan in Morocco please have a look at these two very interesting articles : Moroccan culture and ramadan-in-morocco

Here is the main square in Meknes at 6:40 PM from our teracce. The Canon shot has just been set off and the call to prayer has ended. Everyone is indoors to break the fast.

Just one hour later and people are coming back out to listen to music and celebrate or go shopping. It will get busier and busier until very late at night.

Last weekend I came home at around 3:30 a.m. and was very surprised to see all the kids still playing football on Lalla Aouda while they waited to be called in for the last meal of the day ;)

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